Kemp's store

Hi. I wanted to also put a good word in for Kemp’s online store. Go to and you will have to look at the great yarn! I got a skein of the Handpainted Opal Sock yarn and I love it. She was also nice to include some beautiful stitch markers that match the yarn perfectly!!!

Super fast shipping! Great customer service. Great store!!

Don’t u just love that handpainted Opal color that she has?! I already have that color…but she special ordered Opal Uni for me…EXCELLENT customer service :smiley: I wanted a pink & she ordered 2 shades of pink to make sure she had one that I liked…I ordered a green and pink…YUMMY :thumbsup:

i was also totally stoked to see she’s carrying Rio de la Plata. that stuff is AWESOME!!! (and it benefits charity) i’m observing a yarn buying moratorium, but as soon as i talk myself out of it, i am SO THERE. with my new sock obsession, i’m itching to get that opal stuff too!!! each ball makes a pair, right? that handpainted is gorgeous!

Hey, thanks guys!:blush:

You have no idea how much I appreciate the kind words. I’m just glad it get to share my yarn passion with so many more people now.

what is the opal yarn made of?

The only thing I wish you would do is add more info about the yarn. I didn’t know the yardage or anything about Opal sock yarn and had to go to another site to get the info. I do see info some yarns though.

yeah that! kemp im only gonna yuse your store for the yarns you have that i want, but i ddint know what it was made of or anything. its hard, i know, getting all the little buggies of a new site worked out. we love you!

OH geez Jan…huge oversight on my part! I guess since I’ve used opal a ton I wasn’t totally focused on putting the fiber info on the description. :oops: I’m going to add that right now!!!

The rest of the yarn should have full fiber, gauge, etc. description. Please let me know though if you notice anything else! I am so happy to get suggestions and great feedback.

It’s okay! I figured that was what happened. :lol: If I see anything newbies might have problems with I’ll let you know.

I also wanted to plug Diva Knitting. My dh said I could order the Denise set for Mother’s Day and I decided to order from her. She is so sweet! I got my package today and found a beautiful set of stitch markers too. With the discount and the stitch markers, I feel very pampered! Thanks so much!

Oh yeah, I love the stuffs she has in the store. It’s a quality store. I’ll definitely shop there once I finished with the yarn I bought from her.

Oh, you mean I should have finished with the handpainted Opal yarn before I ordered another skein of Diva handpainted sock yarn??? :rofling:

:smiley: I got some yummy st markers in my package, too :smiley: Kemp gives the best customer service you can find, which means alot :thumbsup:

Or you can give it to me :wink:

Or you can give it to me ;)[/quote]

If finishing the yarn that you already have were necessary…I’d be knitting forever before I ordered more :roflhard: :rofling: Especially sock yarn :shock:
I think I will now start getting bamboo yarn & steer away from sock yarn for a while…until I see some I have to have :thumbsup:

I’ll give another plug for Kemps’ store! :cheering:
I was having trouble getting my shipping options to show up (still not sure why it wasn’t working), but she worked so hard to try and figure it out!
I got my yarn on Saturday and it was such fast shipping! Oh, that’s another thing, she emailed me to ask if I wanted to change my shipping option since it wouldn’t take that long to ship from Ohio to New York, so she saved me some money :smiley: .