Kemp's store ROCKS!

I got my order from Diva Knitting today! Man oh man oh man oh MAN! My sneeze yarn (read musk ox yarn), the Opal sock yarn I can’t wait to knit and the most wonderful size 1 and 2 ChiaoGoo bamboo needles,they have the nicest point AND the Denise interchangeables. . Plus I received a ‘thank you’ from our Kemp. When was the last time that happened when I ordered something online?

Thanks and thanks again Kemp, you’re the best. :heart:

:heart: Diva Knitting :thumbsup:

When was the last time that happened? :thinking: :?? :thinking: When I got my order from divaknitting, of course :thumbsup:

Ya know u can’t just talk about all these yummies that you got & not give us any yarn/knitty porn :shock:

That Namaste Jetsetter bag is tempting me!!! :inlove: