Kelly Question

you seem to do this alot…

What is a good pattern for a guy… I wanted to make afriend a hat and I don’t know which patterns out of the free patterns is a good choice and what do you think… and how do you determine the size…


P.S. Are hats easy to make

I like making hats…they go pretty fast, and as long as you are comfy with decreases, or at least the videos that show you how, you’ll be FINE!

I think my FAVORITE man hat is Marnie’s PISMO, even though I havent made it yet.

If you are feeling adventurous and warmth is a big factor, then you can try the double-knit hat I made for DH & baby bro… check my Blog thread for the changes I made to the pattern to make it easier. The DK hat discussion starts at the bottom of the page.

WOW! I didnt realize I was thought of as THE HAT AUTHORITY! :lol:

You’re not… you just flap your lips the most around here! :heart:

[size=6]BIG ZBBBBBRT TO YOU, HILDE!!! :stuck_out_tongue: [/size]

Muah! :inlove:

I wanted to share a pic of the clogs I just finished and are almost dry. But I can’t find my way to the place where we were all talking about the clogs. Can you help me plz. I also posted a pic of a book light I just bought, found it today thought it was fabulous for clipping it on a pattern or book. Comes two in a pkg. for $12.00 Hope you see it. Thanks. Rebecca :slight_smile:


Kelly may be the hat authority, but the rest of us know some stuff too!

The clogs are in the Knit Along section.


Now, Ingrid…dont be jealous!! :heart:

I noticed you made a separate post with the pic of your clogs, Rebecca…which look GREAT by the way! I am trying to figure out how to merge your new thread with the existing clog knit-a-long thread. Mods have the ability to split PARTS of posts & append them to other threads, but I dont see a tool to append a whole thread. I Will take care of that as soon as I can.

Id LOVE to see your book light! A pic of that would probably work best in the General Forum. I dont recall ever seeing a thread about those, so go ahead and make a New Topic.

If you ever have technical questions like this in the future, you dont HAVE to post it publicly like this…you can always PM me (or one of the other mods) and then Ingrid wont feel left out. :rofling:

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: to you.

I did it because I haven’t learned how to travel in this site. I’m sorry. I was trying to post it in the same place where we had the chats about the clogs. Thanks I will pm you next time. I used to pm Amy and she asked me to post everything so I didn’t want anyone to get mad. Bare with me. By the way, I posted the pic of the book light in the general forum. Would you like me to post it here?

I went to the knit along section and posted at the bottom. Wasn’t that what I was to do?

Sounds good to me. Except I think Kelly was helping you out at the same time. Never can have too many book lites, I say!

I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. I just posted it to another place answering Kellyk darn. Ok will post it here hope Ingrid see’s it too.

:roflhard: :roflhard: I think I’ve seen it in three places! And I don’t even have a use for the things! :roflhard: :roflhard:

Don’t feel bad. I’ve yet to post a picture. Haven’t even got the camera yet. Even when I get the camera, I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m tempted to mail photos to everyone! :?

You are FINE. Dont worry. When you want to post to a particular thread, you have to click “post reply” from INSIDE THAT THREAD. I think you clicked “New Topic” from inside the knit-a-long FORUM.

You DID post the booklight in the General Forum! Perfect!

You will get the hang of it, I promise! Just like ya did with the clogs!

Hi Kellyk
Thanks, you’re right nothing can be harder then those clogs lol. They drove me nuts the first day. Once I got it, it was fun. I just finished knitting a little cell purse for my granddaughter in lions brand yarn and fun fur. It’s cute I posted it already. I also made a hat same yarn and color if Anyone wants to see it. I made it a few months ago, haven’t used it yet. Don’t know if I ever will. But I found it and thought it was weird and beautiful.

EVERYBODY likes to see finished objects…especially in the Recently Finished Projects thread!!

Do you have exchangeable circular needles? Do you recommend the Boye?
Went to a shop and she is asking $94.99
I thought they were around $50
wow can you tell me where you got yours if you did. I thought you said you had them or could have been Amy. Thanks. Rebecca

Check out THIS THREAD there is a WHOLE discussion about brands and opinions and prices. :thumbsup:

Ingrid…you simply MUST get a digital camera. It is a knitting necessity!

I ordered one yesterday! Now I have to figure out how to post. That’ll be the next step.