Kelly K!

I though of you tonight…“Mommie Dearest” is on.
Kel, I’ll have you know that you will forever pop into my mind whenever she yells, “No Wire Hangers, EVER!!!”



kk where the heck are you??? this post has been up for like THIRTY MINUTES!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:


That’s hilarious Hilde… Although Ingrid hasnt responded yet either… so what’s up with that?

Did I hear my name mentioned?

Thanks for thinking of me, GS… :heart: That movie is SO funny, well, not really, but…

I sometimes go with a good friend to Show Tunes night at a gay bar in the city …they have a big screen and show videos or clips from theater productions or movies or whatever, and everyone sings along, sometimes making up their own words. FUUUNNNNNN! :cheering: Well, they always play that “No wire hangers” bit & then the clip of Joan Crawford slapping Christina over and over and over & speed it up so by the time it is at its fastest, JC’s (Joan’s…NOT our Lord and Savior’s) hand is almost VIBRATING across her face. HYSTERICAL. :roflhard: They also throw bar napkins when Evita is waving with her hanky from the balcony. And, instead of Oklahoma, they sing “You’re doing fine, you’re a homo…you’re a homo, you’re GAY” :roflhard:

Can those of you who have come to know me pretty well even IMAGINE an activity that makes me happier???

And, for all of you other SILLY people, I DO work sometimes, you know! :roflhard:

really? I’m impressed. I do no work at all :shock:

I want YOUR job, then, Femmy!