Keeping track of stitches

Does anyone else have trouble keeping track of their stitches? I am working a piece that has 244 stitches and I have counted the cast on at least 10 times.
Are there some kind of markers that can be used?
KN :doh:

Yes, there are stitch markers available for sale, or you can make your own by tying loops of yarn around your needle at regular intervals. Just slip them from needle to needle as you get to them. They’ll sit on the needle between your stitches. They make a world of difference when you have that many stitches to keep track of.

Well, I should have thought of the yarn idea myself!!

Thanks!! :smiley:

If it wasn’t for stitch markers I’d not be able to knit. I just had to cast on 196 stitches. I put stitch markers every 10 stitches and count, count, count.