Keeping stitch marker on when knitting in round on dpn

Hi Ladies!

New to the forum but not new to knitting. However, knitting in the round is fairly new to me. So I started knitting a pair of socks today (a first for me) and the stitch marker I am using to mark the beginning of the row falls off the dpn’s hehe. Is there any way to get around this? Stupid ? I know, but I just had to ask. : :teehee:

Thank you so much for this valuable resource!


i will put it inbetween two stitches if needed. Otherwise i just use the tail to mark the beginning of the round.

I just use a different color yarn and cut a small piece and tie it on the needle tight. then cut the ends short so when I knit it is snug and never falls off. :happydance:

Thanks! I realized just after I posted how silly of a post that was. Oh well…

The sock I’m knitting is knitting up nicely so far, I have about an inch done, hehe! I’m using a self striping yarn from lion brand. I know its cheap, but I figured for a first try it’ll do. Can’t wait to get to the heel! I’m sure I’ll be back for more help then. Thanks again brendajos!!


Ohh good idea candy!

That isn’t silly. i bet if you do a search you will see lots of people have asked the same question. Pretty normal.

No fear of the heel. i can throw the rest of the sock gladly away but for the heels and toes! the rest is a yawn! :wink:

your question is not silly at all. the same thing happened to me at first. the way i solved this problem is by placing my marker on the second stitch instead of the first. you just have to remember that this will be the stitch that comes after the first.


I just knit a few stitches beyond the marker–of course I knit a few extra stitches off each needle to avoid ladders, too.

Another way to keep track is to put a spilt stich marker or safety pin into the stich you want to mark. It won’t fall off that way. You won’t be moving it from one needle to the other. If its getting too many rows down for you then just move it farther up in the same stitch column.

When I first started using markers I thought that was the way you’re supposed to use them. It took a while before I noticed that people put them on the needles. :teehee:

This way is helpful if you want to keep track of a “right side” with lots of knits and purls, something where both sides look similar.

ooh yeah i do that too! i also use it to help me count rows so i don’t have to worry about row counters!

When I’m knitting on DPNs, I put a rubber ponytail holder on one end of the needle to mark the beginning of the round.

It’s black, so it may be a little hard to see here:

I really appreciate all the great tidbits of wisdom from you all. What I decided to do is put the marker before the last stitch and its working pretty well.

So far I’m not getting any ladders, just making sure I keep those first few stitches on the needle on the tighter side and it looks pretty even. I’ve only gotten about 2.5 inches on the cuff done. Been real busy with work and we’re moving too so, hehe…lots to do. :smiley:

Thanks again for all the help!