Keeping scarf shape when taken off needles

Hi, I’m an experienced knitter but have recently started making very different cobwebby scarves with a very open texture. My problem is that if the scarf is 10" x 40" on the needles, but when I cast off it suddenly loses shape completely and because the yarn is textured, it would spoil it by blocking. I have tried knitting a heavier section at each end but this has not worked either and I am left with a really shapeless “thing”! I am using 20mm needles and a very fine yarn for cobweb effect and I really don’t want to add a fringe - maybe I’ll have to? Any solutions/ideas gratefully received!

You’ll have to either block it, use heavier yarn or smaller needles. Blocking won’t spoil textured yarn, it just opens it up and ‘sets’ it into shape.

Thanks so much - will try blocking. Am using a sort of monofilament with little ribbon tufts attached -incredibly holey!