Keeping long floats tidy inside baby hat

Hi, Everyone,
I’m making a baby hat with a cute pattern. I’m carrying the yarn across the row and that’s working fine for the most part. The issue is that there are a few spots where one color has to be carried across 15 stitches. The instructions suggest that to prevent long floats, it’s a good practice to catch the carried yarn under the knitted stitch every 4 or 5 stitches. I don’t know how to do this properly. If I twist the yarn in the back, the color shows through the front and I don’t like that. How do I catch the carried yarnj under the knitted stitch?


Could you catch it through the ‘ridge’ of the purls stitches? Just those weaving in and out? Or have you tried that and the colour still shows?

It’s tricky to explain! I think the Philosopher’s Wool site has a video on this.

Ah here it is! Not exactly the same of course.

That’s how I weave in a long float in SC. In this version, you are knitting English, with the black wool. Get the colour you want to lock in (the purple). Is this what you mean by catching, or are you thinking of this when you say twisting it?

Is it possible that when the instructions say catch under, they are meaning the same thing as what you think of as twisting them?

I use the Philosopher’s Wool method and it works great. Just do it loosely so it doesn’t bunch up.

Wow, the Philospher’s Wool method is probably what my instructions mean! I will try it.

I’m working on a circular needle so it’s all knit. The twisting just doesn’t seem right.

Thank you all for you help. I don’t know what I’d do without this site. There is so much to learn! I’ll be back if I can’t get this to work.


Oh, dear, it made sense when I read it and now that I’m trying it, I"m getting a loop of the color that is supposed to be hidden. Is the color that is supposed to be wrapped, going on top of the left hand needle? If it’s on the right, I’m getting another loop like a yarn over.


Sorry to be a pest here…I tried it again and maybe it’s working but I think I see some of the color on the RS (purple in the case of the example). Will this ‘go away’ as I knit? I’m a little afraid to continue.

Help again :slight_smile:

Did you do it loosely? I have heard about this and I am not sure it will go away. For a baby hat, the long floats will be less of a problem than on a sleeve where baby fingers can get stuck. Bub doesn’t have anything coming off his head that will get stuck on the inside.

If it is stretched out now, the colour may be less visible when the fabric is unstretched… but then it may be stretched when on the head.