Keeping Knitty Gritty on HGTV

On Vickie’s blog she mentions that HGTV and KG Is just a test thing right now… so in order to let the network know you want it left on she gives you the link to fill out a comment to them and hopefully after the test run they will decide to keep KG on for those of you who do not get DIY… :cheering:

I sent HGTV a comment! I really hope they keep airing it because we can’t afford to get the DIY network.

I’ve only caught KG a few times, and they are always using novelty yarns to make scarves or something I’d never use (like skirts). Am I missing some good techniques and ideas? Should I keep trying to watch it?

I didn’t know it was on HGTV! Thanks for the heads up!

I left a comment!!!

Sometimes, even if the project is not what you would use, there are techniques and tricks that are brilliant!

I get DIY network down here in Australia, and it’s my daily ‘time out’ when I grab my knitting and watch :smiley:

And they’re going eventually to show an episode featuring Our Amy!!! :cheering:

I gave it another try today since I’m home. It was really good, all about knitting really cute sweaters. So I admit now that it can be a really helpful show. I will definitely try to catch it more often.

I Just wish someone would play this on either a weekend or evening, because I work full time and never get the chance to catch it :frowning:

I just sent a nice comment to them. I see her show on DIY but have not watched it in months. I got so tired of seeing the reruns four and five times. Enough already!! :shrug:

I sent an email comment, too, but also wish new segments would air. I think I have most of them on DVD.

We also need to keep in mind that this is one of the few shows exclusively devoted to knitting. If we don’t support it (even if it has elements we don’t particularly care for - I could live without most of Vickie’s humor), then it will go away and no other knitting shows will follow.

My favorite episode is with Lily Chin. I didn’t like any of the patterns, but the tips she teaches are awesome!

Left a positive comment, hope it helps! :cheering: :cheering:

I sent a comment too. I don’t watch TV that much anymore, but I liked catching knitty gritty when I made the effort. All I watch know is the discovery channel, national geographic and mostly turner classic movies and american movie classics.