Keeping Fur Yarn Knots Tight

This is maybe a weird question, but I’m making faux fur hats with 2 strands of Fizz, just with a straight tube. The problem comes in pulling the end closed. I keep getting a hole at the top because the knots loosen, and the one time I really pulled it tight, one strand broke. I’m also at a loss as how to knot it, since it’s a little loose to just weave in the ends.

Any suggestions?

Hmmm… I’m a little puzzled. I’ve made hats from that tho not using the technique you are. It’s not feasible just to use a yarn needle and thread the fake fur into it and close up that way? That’s what I do with the way I’ve made mine. Just a blunt needle with a nice open eye that you can get that yarn through.

That’s what I did. The knot I am using to finish it is slipping loose and causing a small hole at the top. I think the problem is probably more with the knot I am using than the method. The gauge is pretty loose, just because it’s such a think yarn, so weaving in the ends isn’t keeping the knot stable.