Keeping everything TIDY!

I’m going bonkers. :hair:
My pitifully small collection of knitting infrastructure items is in one helluva mess; and even when I tidy it again, it’s going to get that way once more in double-quick time.
This is because I don’t have a PROPER … ahh… thinggy to keep everything in.
I require photos, please, of whatever luverly thinggy YOU have that organises all your stuff - needles straight/circ, tapestry needles, crochet hooks, markers … the old brain has broken under the strain, and I can’t even think of all the things that are floating about in chaotic fashion in my box.
Like I said: photos, please - and brand name/description, if poss.!

I use this for my circular needles.

I like my Crafter’s Tool Butler by Jordana Paige.

She also has other knitting bags,, too. These bags are more of a need-it-quick, set-it-beside-your-recliner, grab-it-and-go type storage.

The one Ingrid posted is nice, too, but I think of it as a place to store things I don’t use very often (mainly because my closet isn’t very close to the recliner where I usually knit). I did a cheapo version of the same thing. I pulled out a crocheted scarf, hung it on a hanger, and stuck needles through it.

This is what I use on the side table next to my recliner:

I use the pencil compartments for crochet hooks, dpns, reading glasses, measuring tape, lotion, etc. I have my stitch markers in an empty prescription bottle, also one for rubber needle tips. These are kept in the shallow compartments, other accessories in small ziplocks and stored in the drawer.

This is what I use. I use the top drawer for random things like tape measures, the middle drawer for needles and cables, and the bottom drawer for patterns.

This is what I have. I have tons of fabric cube drawers that goes inside. I keep my yarn and all my needle cases and patterns in them.

I have one of these totes for general storage, and one of these traditional bags to hold my current project in that I can leave in the living room, or by the sofa etc.

I was also incredibly lucky when I visited friends in England recently to be gifted a beautiful quilted, hand made knitting needle roll and a lovely zippered bag to hold bits and pieces in.

I :heart: all the great ides. I :heart: organizers in general. Organizers are wonderful and I can’t get enough of them. My problem is that I can’t get organized enough to really use them to advantage. :???: I am working at it. I’m sure you’re already much more successful at it than I am.

What an amazingly versatile lot you are! :slight_smile:
Thank-you from the heart for all these terrific ideas: I’m at a bit of a loss to choose one, to be honest.
But the fact is that I knew only of the kind of thing that Ingrid uses (because we’d mentioned it in a different area of the Forum); and nothing whatsoever of all those other marvellous things.
I shall now take time to study the lot before making a decision.
I am SERIOUSLY GRATEFUL to you all: you are really kind!


I have an entire dresser, with four drawers mostly devoted to my knitting stuff. One drawer holds patterns, another needles, two to three others, yarns…organized by type.

maybe I can post pics tomorrow. It’s 3:00 AM and I’m tired, going back to bed after letting cat out, then worrying over him. Inside he’s a tiger, chasing his little sister all around. Outside, he’s timid and hides.