Keeping continuity of pattern while increasing for sleeves

Hi everyone,

I am knitting a child’s pullover and have just started the sleeves. My problem is how to keep the continuity of the pattern when I o the increases. I don’t know how I should start the rows with the pattern. Rows 5 and 7 and rows 11 and 13.


That pattern is adorable!
I can’t find that the pattern specifies an increase. Use whatever increase you prefer, a kfb would be fine. Make your increases one stitch in from the edge. You can then incorporate them into the pattern and knit or purl appropriately when you turn and work the WS or when you come back to it on the RS. As the seam is under the arm it’s not going to show when you’re all done.

Thanks for the help but now I have another problem. If you read over the pattern for the sleeves it says to work rows 3-20… but it doesn’t say what other rows I should knit after the 3-20. Do I continue with the pattern as it is written for the back? I am a little confused.

I don’t seem to be able to read the pattern well right now so rather than make things worse I’ll leave it for someone else to help you with.

It looks like you can continue repeating rows 3-20 for the sleeve. You’ll be able to see how the pattern continues but without the breaks for the black bands.

Thanks, I can see now. Repeating rows 3-20 does make sense.

Thanks again