keeping centre of my knitting project

does this mean my start stitch should move one stitch on every round

What pattern are you following? Can you give us a link or a pattern name?
Don’t post the entire pattern because we run into copyright problems but a line or two is ok.

Zēna Cepure (Latvian Boy’s Hat) from Adījumu Raksti un Adīšanas Technika
I am knitting the adult pattern

Its an Elizabeth Zimmermann hat designed in Latvia in 1956

Ah, very nice pattern and adorable hat.
Each row will begin with a knit stitch and it won’t move over. On repeats of row 1 the first knit stitch will be followed by a M1 (make one) and on row 2 all the stitches are knit.

So this mean I can start my first stitch on every round where my tail is

Are you knitting in the round? Probably easiest to put a marker on the needle to mark the beginning of the round. The total stitch number, 144, won’t change as you complete a round.
Once you’ve worked the first few rounds, it’ll be easy to see the pattern and follow the increases and decreases.

Thank you so much you have been a great help…cleared it up for me…

What an interesting pattern. I think I have to do this one simply because it is so different.