keeping cable pattern and decreases correct as now set in Rowan Arabian raglan

I cannot get my cable on this raglan decrease to look anything like the pattern in the photo! I have made the C4F and C4B at the ends of the row then it tells me to keep pattern correct as in title so I just keep copying instructions every 4 th row taking account of the instruction to decrease every alternate row. But I’ve ended up with a kind of cabled worm not the pretty short repeated cables shown,

Can anyone tell me how to do this right? I may have to unravel the whole lot

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Thanks for the pattern link. I’m not sure that I understand what’s happening. You’re working the cable cross every 4 rows and you’re decreasing as given here:
“Keeping cable patt and decreases correct as now set, dec 1 st at each
end of next 1 [1: 7: 15: 19] rows, then on 1 [0: 0: 0: 0] foll 4th row,
then on foll 33 [38: 38: 37: 38] alt rows…”

Which size are you making? Can you post a photo of your sweater? Use the picture icon in the middle of the upper banner of the Reply box to upload a photo.

I’m making the small size. Am ashamed to show photos in public and also technically challenged

Has this worked?
Thanks for your help!

The photos came through perfectly and you knitting looks lovely.
Yes, there’s a problem with the cable column. Here’s a video on working a 6 stitch cable (3sts to a cable needle, 3sts knit from the left needle) whereas you have a 4 stitch cable (2sts to a cable needle, 2sts knit from the left needle) just to check and make sure you’re doing the cable correctly.

I use a row counter to make sure that I work the cable on the correct row and that I keep the spacing even. In your pattern, every 4th row is a cable cross row.
The cable is set off from the knit sts by a purl stitch on either side.
Love the color you’re using!

Thanks but I know how to knit the cable and remember which is 4th row. I’m afraid I haven’t understood any better what’s wrong or how to make it right though. Feel I’m not understanding the instruction in the title bar.

Next row (RS row 1): K2, P1, C4F, P1, K1, sl 1, k1, psso K to last 11 sts,
K2tog, K1, P1, C4B, P1, K2

Use row 1 as a guide to where to place the decreases. Work 9sts (k2,p1,C4F, p1, k1) then do the dec (sl1, k1, psso) at the beginning of the row.
At the end of the row, stop when there are 11sts remaining on the left needle then work the dec (k2tog) and continue with the last 9sts.
That’s the row that “sets” the placement of the decreases.

Where the pattern rows have no decreases for your size (there’s a zero for your size) you’re going to ignore that and follow the instructions for a dec on the next row, the foll 4th row and then every alternate row (which is every RS row) 33 times.

Ooh thanks a lot, that sounds much clearer I will give it a go. Thanks very much. Wonder if I can get away without unraveling as some of the wormy cable is underarm. Last time I unravelled I had to go right back to the beginning! Thanks again

I unravel to about a row before where I want to restart. Then I tink back a row. That helps me to keep all the sts and not drop one. It’s not exactly like the video because the sts aren’t on a needle but this is the idea:

The trouble is I’m actually just repeating exactly what happened last time!!

Oh, no, I’m very sorry to hear that. You’re always doing the C4F near the beginning of the row and the C4B near the end of the row? I’ll give it a try and post a photo of a few repeats.


I would suggest trying the pattern out on some smooth scrap yarn in a light color. Cast on about 40sts and work the end sections as given in the pattern. Work some decreases every 4 rows and then every RS row and see what it looks like. You should see a line of decreases and the cable crosses every 4 rows.
I inadvertently left out the K1 between the cables and the decreases on each side but it doesn’t affect the line of decreases or the cables.

Can’t make it look right. The first 2 twists work and then deceasing every RS seems to throw me out. What I do is decrease at end of each RS row and then K2 pI CF4 and so on following the pattern, counting an extra stitch at the other end to anticipate another decrease. . I really don’t get it. If you could be bothered to tell me how to work rows 8,9,10 11,12 it might help. When i decrease I knit 2 together at each end. Is this the wrong way? !

Row 1 K2, P1, C4F, P1, K1, place marker #1 sl 1, K1, psso, K to last 11 sts,K2tog, place marker #2 K1, P1, C4B, P1, K2.

Try placing a marker after the first 9sts and before the last 9sts. When you work the dec row, you’ll dec immediately after marker 1, knit across and work a dec before marker 2 (that’ll be 2sts before marker 2). You can work a k2tog in place of the sl 1, k1, psso if that’s easier. It won’t give you the same line of decreases (/____) on that side but it’ll be ok.

I’ll send you a pm with rows 8-12.

So don’t decrease at each end of row?

Decrease at each end of the RS rows, Rows 9,11,13,15. Your stitch count will go down by 2 after every RS row. That’s the sl1, K1, psso near the beg of the row and k2tog near the end of row.