Keep stitch pattern, increasing, & knitting in the round

Help please! I’m knitting a poncho from top down. It’s got 2 charts to follow and is in basketweave stitch. I have the collar portion of it finished, but get into trouble starting the body of it. I start body with 72 stitches, repeat round 1, and end up with 96 stitches. Problem begins with next row, as the stitch pattern is based on a 14 stitch repeat (if I’m interpreting pattern correctly). When I get to end of row 2 my stitch pattern doesn’t match up to the prior row, so the stitch pattern doesn’t continue properly. Any advice would be appreciated…I’m sure I’m screwing someting very basic up! I’ve attched copies of the charts & pattern.

Can you resize your pics to ‘best for web’ or other equivalent? It’s hard to follow the chart or pattern when you have to scroll back and forth. Only prints part of it, too.

Hope these are easier to read.

OMG!!! I fell in love with this pattern and just ordered it from Knitpicks.

OK knitters, let’s get this problem solved! I will be waiting with baited breathe.
(And taking copious notes.)

Does your chart show where the pattern repeat starts and ends? Sometimes the original is outlined in red and a copy doesn’t show. That’s the only thing that comes to mind without my actually knitting the thing. :thinking:

Chart doesn’t give any indication as to where stitch repeat starts and ends. I’ve scanned the chart just as I have it, there’s no color markings on it, or any brackets outlining the repeat.

The only thing I can suggest is to look at the pattern repeat you have for the first row and try to match it up on the chart, so you’re doing the stitches for the non increase part in the right place. The increases can go off the sides.

I think for a pattern like this, where it is obvious where the correct stitches should fall, you should read your knitting and adapt the pattern to it, rather than only read the charts. You know what I mean?

What bothers me about the instructions is the way the direction is worded. Maybe I’m reading too much into it but it says to repeat round 1 and progress through the chart. Just reading this cold, I’m thinking by telling you to repeat, it is actually telling you to do the second line rather than doing line 1 again and then the subsequent lines. Does that make any sense??? How would that affect the number of stitches in conjunction with the patterning?

However, I agree with Ingrid. Maybe you should try to follow the knitting rather than the chart. Usually in a repetitious pattern, it is simply a matter of knitting and purling where it is obvious.

I’ve never ordered a pattern from Knitpicks before. Do that have a customer support line? Could there be a mistake in the pattern? These companies are not infallible.

What yarn are you using? I really loved this pattern. Does it give any sizing other than the length? It looks pretty full, so I’m hoping it will fit me.