Keep my in your prayers, please

I have to have cataract surgery Tuesday. I’m not nervous–had this done about 1.5 years ago. The doctor I’m using says I’m the youngest patient (46) that he has done cataract surgery on. I will have to do something about those ugly, black sunglasses :ick: you have to wear after surgery. I think I will go to my local craft store and buy rhinestones and fix’em up! Thanks!

i’ve also had this surgery very young!! after the 1st eye I couldn’t wait to have the 2nd one. years of contacts, thick glasses… Dr used one prescription for distance in one eye the other prescription was for reading/knitting… NO more glasses!!! wowwwwwwww yipee!!! seeing yours going well!!

Good luck. I hope everything goes well for you. I’d definately do the rhinestones…


My wife had them done at about the same age. Its familial for her. I’ll say a prayer but I’m sure all will go well.:hug::pray:

1knittychick, sending you lots of positive vibes.:grphug:
I will pray for you. :hug:

:pray: and :hug: all around! :heart:



I like to think of a future date when I’m afraid of something like this. Place yourself in a nice place like the Saturday after the operation, something special or some special place and know you will be there and everything will be relaxed again. Well, it helps me.
Good luck, I’m sure God will be with you!

Good luck! Hope it all goes well for you. And I’d go with pink rhinestones, but that’s just me. :lol:

More :hug: and :pray: coming your way