Keep Knitting edges from rolling

I knit a beautiful Shark Tooth pattern scarf but couldn’t figure out how to keep the edges of the scarf from rolling both while I was knitting, and now that it is being warn. Would appreciate any help on this. Thanks in advance

Welcome to KH. Is your scarf worked in stockinette stitch? Stockinette curls, that’s its nature. You could try adding a crochet border or pick up and knit some rows of garter stitch and that might help. If it’s wool blocking might help. Acrylic if steamed to the point of killing the yarn will lie flatter but killing acrylic isn’t usually desirable.

Yep, stockinette curls. It’s just is nature and even borders don’t always work perfectly.

Here’s an entire thread devoted to it.

I picked up a border on a Entrelac scarf as I had not gotten the knitted edge very even. I used a 40" circular the same needle size and picked up stitches on one long and I short edge, then on the other two edges. I did it in seed stitch but garter would have worked also.

But you can also use an applied border which is easy to do and just keep going until you are done, you will have to decide who to do corners, but a garter stitch edge does not have to turn on the flat ends either.

It will solve the rolling problem. Here’s a great video YouTube by Paul Prentiss

Once you find out how fun applied borders are you can find free ones on the web or Ravelry.