I have a question… regarding: kbl1
(yo, k1, k2tog, yo, [B]kbl1[/B], yo, skp, k1, yo, k6; )

now, I know it means knit in the back of the loop
(when you do this, your right needle goes into the back of the loop on the left needle).

but here’s my question,

Is the right needle supposed to go into that stitch normally as to knit
(making an ‘x’ with the needles at the back of the stitch)

or is the right needle supposed to get turned around to face the same way the left needle is facing and go into the back of the stitch that way???

(This is a double post - the original is in the KAL - egeblad thread)

Thank you for any info regarding this stitch!

You insert the needle with the point facing to the left, into the back leg. Look at the Glossary for k-b or ktbl

making an ‘x’ with the needles…

it’s what I thought, I just didn’t want to have to tink later on…

Thanks! :cheering: :hug:

just scroll down for a video of that…