Katy the Caterpillar


Hello everybody. This is my first post.
Anyway, I wanted to show you the cutest thing I´ve ever seen. Katy la Oruga, or Katy the Caterpillar,is a Mexican animated movie, about, well, a caterpillar. In this scene she is knitting her cocoon so she can turn into a butterfly. It´s the most realistic cartoon knitting I´ve seen, and so cute too, how she counts her stitches and and pulls her yarn.

Just wanted to share with you guys.

O_O OMG!!!
I used to watch that one over and over and over when I was little. One of my favorite animations growing up :slight_smile:
There’s a second movie, called “Katy, Kiki y Koko” about Katy and her kids.

Aww, I loved Katy the Caterpillar! My cousins had it and every time I visited I made them watch it.