Katja Question

Ok so I started this on friday and I think I may have to frog it. I did the triangles then it says to CO22, (me not thinking and reading the whole pattern) I cast on like I usually do, long tail. I get the cups on then have to cast on another 22…but cant do long tail there!!!Uggg it doesn’t look right.

For those who have made it…what cast on did you use?

Pattern is here…

I think you could just use the backwards loop cast on. Or maybe a knit on caston?

Yep, exactly what AidanM said. :smiley: I justed started Katja yesterday and am still on the cups. It’ll be interesting to see how the cast on stitches look! I plan on using backward loop, although I use the knitted cast on quite often.

After doing the cups with provisional cast on with the Allysa Halter (more infohere) which I modeled after Katja…I used long tail cast on to cast on the 1st part of the halter, then knit across the cups (knitting them together as per katja directions), then I used cable cast on for the sts on the other side of the “bra”…I linked the directions from my blog above.
Is this the part of the pattern that you are talking about?