Katie and The Truman Show!

Katie loves TV…especially the parts that have just about any 4 legged animal in them, preferably other dogs…but she’s not picky! Her favorite show is the Westminster Dog Show!

My two little granddaughters and I were watching
The Truman Show tonight…and so was Katie!

This dalmatian was “Pluto” in the show!

And of course, she loves Jim Carrey!

You always get the cutest dog pictures, ArtLady!


That is just so darn cute. :teehee:

:roflhard: That’s too cute!

The only drawback to Katie and the TV dog watching…is that she runs up to the TV and gives the dogs WHAT FOR…and I do mean [COLOR=Red][I][B]what for!
So…in REAL LIFE…she doesn’t know the difference between TV dogs [I]that don’t bark back[/I]…and real live dogs [I]that will bark back.[/I]

She’s scared me on a couple of occasions! I was SHOCKED that she had the nerve to run up on a strange BIG DOG and give him the business, charging and all scrappy actin’!

And besides, she runs with hounds and Saint Bernards at home. I don’t think she realizes how puny she is under all the curly fur!

She looks like she’s 20 lbs! She’s really only 12 lbs!

Ole Uncle Harley was her first ‘babysitter’! She used to sleep up on top of him in the kitchen when she was just 8 wks old! Here they are, laying in the french drain, keepin’ cool on a hot summer day!

Here is Katie and baby Dani, sleeping next to ole Uncle Harley!

Here is Katie, waiting for baby Dani to wake the heck up!

Here she is, up on Mountain Guard, with Charlie, our current Saint Bernard!

Charlie is patiently watching Katie work on a chew stick!
She eventually got tired of it, and he picks up where she leaves off!

Shih Tzu’s aren’t sissy dogs! They’re very [I][B]plucky![/B][/I]

They certainly are plucky dogs. My Sammy thought he was a big dog too. Katie has the same coloring that he did…he crossed the Rainbow Bridge last November at the ripe old age of 16, he was a good doggie.
I love the pictures you get of your dogs, they have such personality! :slight_smile: