Kate Oates Grace Wrap Quesiont

I’ve just begun to knit this wrap, and I’m already stuck! After a provisional cast-on of 50 stitches, the first row instructions are k1, pm, k1, pm, k2, pm, k1, k40, pm, k1, pm, k2, pm, k1, pm, k1.

After a purl row, the next one is a raglan increase row: {k to marker, M!R, sm, k1, sm, M1L} four times times, k to end - 8 st inc.

I don’t understand how I’m to do this four times! There has to be a simple explanation I’m overlooking. Help!!!

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It may be that there is a marker missing in the set up. There should be 8 markers:
k1, pm, k1, pm, k2, pm, k1, pm, k40, pm, k1, pm, k2, pm, k1, pm, k1

So the increases are placed:
k1, inc, sm, k1, sm, inc, k2, inc, sm, k1, sm,
inc, k40, inc, sm, k1, sm, inc, k2, inc, sm, k1, sm, inc, k1

Thanks so much for your quick and helpful response! I did leave off the pm before the K 40 when I typed the pattern in my message. The thing that threw me (and still does) was the “repeat four times.” I’ll just follow your instructions and ignore that piece.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The “…repeat 4 times…” instructions are fairly common. If you compare the row that I wrote out to the pattern directions you’ll see that they’re the same. The k1has markers on each side with an increase before the first marker and after the second.
Good luck with the rest of your pattern and feel free to come back with any questions!

I really, really appreciate your kindness and help.


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Sorry to bother you again, but something is still wrong. After the initial 4 increases, I’m supposed to knit to the end of row with no more increases. How do I end up with 8 new stitches? What am I missing?


If you really carefully follow salmonmac direction, there are 8 increases in the row

Here it is

k1, inc, sm, k1, sm, inc, k2, inc, sm, k1, sm,
inc, k40, inc, sm, k1, sm, inc, k2, inc, sm, k1, sm, inc, k1

It might help to just place your finger on each stitch and marker and speak out loud the instruction as you go along the row (not knitting) so you get an idea of it before working it.

It may help to place a yarn scrap before and after your centre 40 stitches as there are 4 increases before it and 4 increases after.

Sometimes I wish patterns were written with the symmetry of the row in mind but they usually don’t. One of the “knit to marker” is a single stitch whilst another “knit to marker” is a run of 40 stitches. The last bit of the instruction “knit to end” is a single stitch.

Perhaps have another go?

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Thank you ! Your comments were very helpful.

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Always nice to be helpful wherever possible.

I hope you’ve manage it.
If not, do say so, you can just keep on asking until you get there.

I’m over the hump and moving on thanks to your help! :blush:


Great news!

Good going! if you run into another question, don’t hesitate to post again. We’d love to see a photo when you finish.