Hi there!! I just got done with Prince from the game Katamari. I really didn’t have a pattern to go on, so I just made one up as I went along. I noticed that there is a dpn pattern out there, but I’m awful with DPN so I just made mine on straight needles and stitched him up. His neck is a bit floppy, but I know now where I went wrong and I’ll be able to fix that on my next go around with him. (LOL!! I had no interest at all in unsewing him and then fixing my problem… my hubby tried talking me into doing it for about an hour last night hehe).

That’s really cute!!! My daughter would love it.

o.k. I don’t know what Katamari is…lol! But the “doll” is VERY cute! Love the colors and my granddaughter would love him/her!!

Katamari is a video game where you are this little dude and you roll a ball around and pick up things to make into planets and stars.

Here is a site that can explain them more!
Be warned though!! Katamaris are highly addictive lol!! :roflhard:

:happydance: It looks great!!

Looks good!