Karaoke question

you all have my DYING to try this stuff. i couldn’t help but notice in its description that it felts. any of you karaoke lovers tried it?


The label says that it felts. I haven’t tried it though. It’s 50% wool and 50% soy silk.

ooooooooooooh…lmao…i was expecting a question about drunk people standing on stage singing The Rose!

:roflhard: me too

I have a little leftover…I’m curious too. Maybe I’ll do a little swatch.

I knit up a small swatch & tried felting it. It did felt, but the ending result had holes in it. I have, however, seen some pictures of it knit into a bag and then felted, and it looked much nicer than the swatch I did.

I should also mention that I hand-felted my swatch, and when that wasn’t going well, I stuck it in my front-load washing machine to see if it would felt further. It really didn’t, but I wouldn’t give up on it. Get a ball of it and knit a swatch and see what happens. My results could be due to the method & machine. I’d be interested to see what others come up with.