Kansas knitters

What’s winter climate like in Kansas? Only I’ve got a friend there I want to make a (pretty) functional Christmas gift for, but have no idea if I should be looking for hat patterns or what. I don’t really want to send him a hat and scarf if he can’t get any use out of them. Thanks :muah:

I"m not quite a Kansas knitter, but I’m right next door in Missouri. Winters are pretty cold, snow is not unusual. I’ve only lived here for almost 3 years, but it seems ice storms are not unusual either. I’d think a hat and scarf would be most welcome for winter.

I’ve lived in Kansas all my life and it gets pretty darn cold. Nov. Dec. Jan. and most of Feb. are usually in the teens to twenties. Some days we are in the single digits and if we’re lucky, we have a day above freezing. Some years we have just 1 or 2 snow storms and an ice storm or two. It really depends on which side of the state he lives on. I’m in the eastern part, but if he lives in western Kansas, he’ll need A LOT of hats and scarves. They get a lot more snow out there.

I live in KS!! I agree with Debinoz… It’s gotten down to the single digit temperature’s before. I live on the eastern side but it can get very cold on the western side too.

Ok, is Hays on the east or west side? good to know I can use some of the great patterns about. Thanks for the help guys!

I think it’s more on the Western side? I’m not quite sure. You may want to look on a map online or in a book to figure it out.

Hays is a little west of being right in the middle of the state. So I’d count on cold and snow!