Kansas city knitters

I need the name of a GOOD LYS in the Kansas City-through-Belton, MO area…I want to get a gift certificate for basic classes for my friend. I dont know the area AT ALL. Thanks!! :heart:

ooooh i was all excited about the idea that someone was starting a thread similar to “Illinois Knitters” cuz KC i could certainly make!!

sigh :rollseyes:

goes back to knitting solo :verysad:

:frowning: Sorry, Bren!

I live in Olathe KS(its right in the middle of that area)…There’s a great one called Knit Wits on 135th and Riverview in Olathe, but I’m not sure if they offer classes. Their phone number is 913-780-5648. They are only open tuesday through saturday, but the ladies there are SUPER helpful! There is also one in Independence MO called Knit Craft, and they have a website www.knitcraft.com

I hope that helps you! If you need anything, please let me know!!!

THANKS, Emily!

your welcome! If your friend can’t find a class, let me know… Iknow some ladies that might know of somewhere…hobby lobby might offer classes also…I know they do everything else…

There is also the Studio up near the plaza on 47th near state line. Also there is Yarn Shop and More (which I live within walking distance to. :open_mouth: ) on 80th street and Metcalf, in old Overland Park.

There is also a knitting guild here. http://www.sunflowerknittersguild.org

I didn’t know that there were other people here from KC (other than Caviar). We should have a GTG sometime!

Thnks SO much, YM…I think that may be the closest to her. I got her a GC for the “Beginning Knitting”, “Purl It” and “How Do I?” classes, 2 hrs each! Looks like they have TONS of variety in their class times, and their website doesnt even TALK about what brands they carry because they are all focused on teaching and inspiration! COOL!