Kal with colorwork

Argh. Usually I think it’s fun to doa mystery dishcloth and I’d lie to do it with the colors, but I’m so confused.

Row 1-3 Knit across with DB
Row 4: k7(DB), p2(BL), k6(DB), p3(BL), k13(DB)
Row 5: k7(DB), p1(BL), k1(W), p5(BL), p1(BL, k2(W), p1(BL), k13(DB)
Row 6: k7(DB), p1(BL, k1(W), p4®, k1(BL), p3(W), k1(BL), p10(DB),
Row 7: K8(DB), p1(BL), k4®, p4(W), k1(BL), p10(DB), k3(DB)
Row 8: k6(DB), p6(BL), k3®, p2(W), k1(BL), p10(DB), k3(DB)

There are big jumps. Do I need to add a new little ball rather than jump 10 stitches? I just haven’t ever done intarsia or stranded colorwork before.

BL black, w white, r red, DB dark blue.

That’s the neatest solution. Use 2 ends or 2 balls of yarn for the end sections in DB (intarsia) and work the center 11sts by stranding (fair isle) where necessary. In row 4 where the DB shows up in the center sts, you can just use one of the end strands. As long as you cross the strands of yarn when you change color you should be fine.