KAL anyone?

Does anyone want to knitalong with me for the Ormond Cardigan? It’s next on my Queue, and I expect to begin Ormond [U]swatching[/U] in September.

The Ormond is easy, straight forward construction. Here’s what they said about it:

[COLOR=Navy]“Flattering, wonderfully light and airy seamless jacket that will keep you warm when you take a stroll on a cool night. A 2x2 rib front band is worked concurrently with an overall Rickrack Lace pattern. The waist shaping is done by changing needle size. The seaming is very minimal. Available in 10 sizes."

“Perfect for a cool night on a beach, this gentle and slimming jacket is knit flat in one piece up to armholes to minimize seams.”[/COLOR]

I think it’s an adorable, simple little jacket. The pattern stitch is created with simple knitting
techniques: K2T, SSK, and yarnover. It’s a 4-row repeat, 8st wide. Very simple. I love the waist shaping technique…no decreases and increases…it’s accomplished by changing the needle size! That is so smart! No decreases to mess up the continuity of the rick-rack pattern stitch!

I can visualize this on someone young or old! You could use cotton, bamboo, acrylic or any animal fiber! The yarn recommended is a sport weight, but I’m using Silky Wool. It’s dk, but I’m certain I’ll get gauge with it.

Anyway…if you’d like to knit this with me, I’d be pleased to be your knitting buddy.
I’d call myself your mentor…but that’s rather high-sounding. Knitting buddy is better!

The pattern is a $7 pdf at Twist Collective. Click here.

I would, but I’m in the middle of two right now. :zombie: :lol:

It’s a pretty one though!

well I think knitting mentor suits you just fine!. I may do this. I will have to see as I am on another project that I haven’t had the time to work on
I am having a tough time at the moment unfortunately but could use a KAL to take my mind off things. When do you plan to begin? I know you mentioned September, Maybe toward the end of September would be good for me.

I just started that dusty blue Petronia cardigan this week. The pattern stitch is time consuming.

So I was thinking about starting this Ormond (and hopefully the KAL) in 2-3 weeks!

Sounds like a win-win to me!

Remember, the yarn can be any sport wt (or dk), & any fiber content! This Ormond design would be beautiful in any yarn. A dk acrylic from local places like Joann’s or Walmart, have lovely yarns to offer.

One great thing about acrylic…it’s washable!! And warm, too!

So if budget is an issue (and I can appreciate that as summer is ending, kids are going back to school…) don’t spend one cent more than necessary on yarn. The pattern stitch of this little jacket will be the winning feature!

I’d just avoid heavily variegated yarn colorways. Choose a solid, or a tweed, or a very subtle handpaint. Although handpaints can be rascals for full garments with the almost undetectable dye differences between hanks.

I kinda avoid handpaints these days for anything that needs more than one hank.

I’ve decided that I’m definitely going to be joining. I will be ordering the yarn and pattern later today. :slight_smile:


Happy to hear the good news!!!

My first 3 chores:

  1. wind up my hanks
  2. knit, and block, my gauge swatch
  3. study my pattern, highlighting pertinent areas

I’m so excited, this will be my first KAL. When the yarn gets here, I’ll get them wound into balls, and do a swatch when a bit before it’s time to start. :slight_smile:

What yarn did you decide to use? Wool?/Blend? Cotton?/Blend? Acrylic?/Blend?

It’s acrylic. It’s that Brava sport yarn from knitpicks. :slight_smile:

I have too much on my plate so I must decline to participate this time. Hopefully I can join in another time.

Aw shucks. :pout:


I’d hoped to get our knitalong rolling in mid-September, but got delayed due to my husband’s health issues. Mainly, I’ve been so distracted, not knitting much, I didn’t finish my current project (the Petronia Cardigan) in time. It’s real difficult, and if I put it down, I’d lose my mojo for sure. I’d have to retrain my brain all over again.

So anyway, I’m on the last sleeve. The three body pieces are all . I’m going to block the four pieces tomorrow, before knitting the final sleeve past the 31 rows of cuff ribbing. Mainly because I’m not quite certain about the sleeve length. I’ve knit the sleeve cap three times already, and I’m still doubtful I got the right length for my short arms. The Petronia pattern stitch is a lace pattern, so.until blocked, it’s all scrunched up. How much will the sleeve grow when blocked? That’s the knot in my stomach.

So are you ready to start our “Ormond” cardigan soon? Maybe in a week?

I’m just checking in with you. I haven’t forgotten you!