Kaibashira Socks

So I have tried starting the kaibashira sock pattern 3 times already without any luck. I can’t get past putting my stitches on the 3 needles. It calls for 187 stitches to cast on. I tried placing all those stitches (twice!) on my 5 inch dpns, then went and bought 7.5 inch dpns hoping that would help keep the stitches from dropping off the ends of the needles. Nope! I am so frustrated! I love this sock pattern but need some tips on how to keep all those stitches on the dpns.

Here is the pattern:


Wow…that’s a lot of stitches for socks! That pattern must eat them up. I’ve only made them with about 64 or so.

Have you made socks before? Have you used DPNs?

It looks like all those stitches are used for the decorative edge, and then it gets decreased down to 66 stitches.

Maybe you can work the edge flat and then switch to dpns?

You’ll have to reverse the ws rows, but it might just be more manageable.

yes, the 187 sts are for the scalloped cuff. Not sure how I would work them flat.

Can you start out on 2 circs like the pattern recommends?

If you don’t want to use the 2 circ method for sock
making you could always use 3 circs in place of the
dpn’s to hold all the stitches. I mean, circulars are
essentially the same thing as a dpn…:slight_smile:

Those socks are to die for you just have to stick with it…Good Luck

That is a cute sock. Like others, my first reaction was…"…187 stitches! What, is that a sock for an elephant?!?" But yes, I see the decorative top - very cute.

If you don’t want the expense of buying extra circulars, how about putting needle protectors on the ends of each double point needle until you get to working the stitches on that needle.

you’ve all come up with some good advice. I don’t like the circular method, but I could give it a try just to get past the start of the pattern. Once the scalloped edge is done, my regular dpns will be fine.

Thanks everyone!