Does anyone else here suffer from KADD, or Knitters’ Attention Deficit Disorder? I seem to have a pretty bad case.

I start a pair of socks, love them and knit on them for a while, then I see some yarn that would make the perfect sweater and knit on that for a bit, until I get the hankering for some dishclothes, which are great until I spot that perfect scarf pattern in the LYS, which I absolutely adore right up until I find out a friend is pregnant and start work on the sweetest little blanket, which is totally charming until I NEED a new bag, which will be perfect for shopping, except I get sidetracked by the need for some mittens for my son, which will be adorable, except it’s getting warm again, so now I need a new tank top.

Tell me. Can anyone relate and is there a cure?

I suffer from the same thing, and no, there is no cure!!

Uhhhh, how do you think we get so many WIPs piled up over there in the corner…

Between knitting and crochet I have something like 10 WIPs.

I can work hard at the start and again at the end but I can’t sit through the middle without having something else to work on.
Some days I’ll rotate through them and do a row on each.

Let us know if you find a cure.

LOL! I do this, too! Although, I try not to have more than 3 at one time or I forget what I remember…:teehee: