" KA SWITCH" Interchangeable Needle Set

OK…up til today…I knew about 4 Interchangeable Needle Set:

  1. Denise
  2. Boye Needlemaster
  3. KnitPicks OPTIONS (nickel and wood)
  4. Addi CLICKS (newly released)

Now, I reading in the ADDI group over at Ravelry…and someone posted in one of the threads that she prefers her KA Interchangeables! Huh? :shrug: She prefers them because they are nicely priced, and the needle swivels like Crystal Palace bamboo circs do.

So I did some googling…and found them!
You might be interested in reading about them.
They are about $99 for the full set (10 needles sizes 5-15), 8 cords and case.
KA Classic Bamboo Exhangeable/Interchangeable Needle Set

The website indicates that sizes 5-15 are included, with options for lengths anywhere from 16"-53". You achieve different cable lengths by connecting some cables together, like Denise’s do. I’d be interested in a fuller description of how things work.

Does anyone know more about these KA interchangeables? :??

UPDATE: Here is a link VINTAGE KNITSthat contains much more information about this bamboo set (above)…and they call them [SIZE=2][B]“KA Switch” made by a Japanese company called [/B][/SIZE][SIZE=2][B]Kinki Amibari.


That is very interesting, but at $100, if you already have the KP options, adding the harmony tips and a few more cables seems more economical. I do like the idea of joining the cables together though.
What do you mean by the needle swivels? Do you mean it locks into the cable and turns as you knit?

I’ve seen the fixed circs (which also swivel) on websites; I always wondered what the KA stood for…

Yes, the needle swivels as you knit. I have two types of wooden circs that swivel. (Lantern Moon and Crystal Palace) The metal collar that joints to the needle doesn’t swivel…but where the metal collar joins to the cable does swivel. It is really cool. It helps prevent wrist stress.

In other words…grip the cable tightly with your left hand to keep it stationary. Grasp the needle tip with your right hand, and you can swirl it around and around. It literally swirls or swivels, but the cable is stationary.

That little bit of swivel as you knit is really a nice concept and like I said, it helps you as you knit. Not so much that it is distracting…but it really helps your right hand work the stitches.

I posted a link to those needles about a month ago. Paradise Fibers offered them in their Sept email. Too much money for me. I love my Harmonys.

Paradise Fibers has the same set on their website. I looked at them and then went NAH I want the Harmony set from Knit Pick.

Yes, I agree. They seem to be too much money for a product that doesn’t have a reputation of excellence to warrant the expense.

Who in the world wants to be the guinea pig at $99 a pop?

Plantgoddess, I didn’t see your post. Sorry!

I love my Harmonys, too.

I have OPTIONS nickel and the Harmonys. Use one for some things, the other for other things. Then Addi for splitty yarns!

Thanks for your input.

Does anyone here at KH have any experience, pro or con, regarding the performance of KA Switch interchangeable needles?

We all like to be informed about interchangeables. I did read one glowing report about them somewhere over at Ravelry in the Addi group of all places!

She was also comparing the better price of KA Switch interchangeables ($99 or less) as opposed to the price of the new ADDI Click interchangeables ($149 and up). She was very happy with the performance of her KA Switch set.

I wonder if she’s ever heard of, or tried, KP Harmonys? :??

You should ask her…

The reason I had posted about them is I remember awhile back someone had asked about interchangeables that swiveled where the cord joined the needle.
I find that multiple threads over time reach people who didn’t see the original. I’m always looking for links to new tools and yarn as well as patterns.

Good idea! :thumbsup: I’m gonna go back to Ravelry and look her up…and ask her how her KA Switch Interchangeables perform.

I’ll let y’all know what she says.

I realize most of us do prefer KP Harmonys for our wood set…they’re pretty and perform so well…and the price is unbeatable…

…but just for curiosity’s sake…I’d like to know what she says about them.

The KA Switch needle tips are not as sharp (I think I read), although pointer that Addis.

It is nice to be ‘up’ on all the interchangeables out there. There are so few ‘sets’ to chose from really.

Overall, KP has all others beat. I think the Addis are going to be very high quality, just like their classic circs…but their price is way up there.