KA Dyeing Fun

[color=indigo]My KnitPicks sock yarn order came in the other day. Got my Kool Aid out yesterday and went to town! The purple is a combo of Wilton’s food coloring, blue food coloring and vinegar.

Can’t wait to finish up my current pair of socks so I can start my Fiesta ones! :teehee: [/color]

pretty pretty. I’m going to dye some sock yarn this weekend too! :cheering:

Very pretty!

Wow, so pretty! I :heart: the bright colors in your “fiesta” yarn!
What was the ratio you used for the food coloring and vinegar for the other yarn?

pretty yarn! :cheering:
your post made do a google for dyeing cotton yarn…and i found this great tutorial
and her STRIPE maker! fun to use and helpse up left overs and possible diminish stashes?? :eyebrow:

[color=indigo] Some. I really don’t ever measure anything. However, one can’t use too much vinegar so in the interest of trying to get an even strike, which it did pretty much, I probably used 1/2 to 3/4 cup to half a gallon of hot water… [/color]

your post made do a google for dyeing cotton yarn
[color=indigo] Okay, I didn’t read it word for word, but I’ve never seen anywhere that KA will work permanently in cotton. Plant fibers require a whole different set of chemicals than animal fibers. For cotton, because I like bright colors, I buy the dyes used for making tie dye t shirts at JoAnns.[/color]

I went to my local supermarket to get some Kool Aid for dyeing and they don’t carry the unsweetened packets!

Can you believe that?

Now I have to go to another market and search for Kool Aid – I thought everyone carried it :!!!:


[color=indigo]You can use KA with the sugar…I’ve used Jello, too, and it all rinses out really easy… And regular food coloring with vinegar works, too. As does left over Easter Egg Dye. Or buy it when it goes on sale after Easter. Just don’t forget the vinegar!

I put a tutorial up on my blog on how I do my space dyeing. It’s another skein of sock yarn that I can’t wait to knit! [/color]http://blog.360.yahoo.com/blog-jpaAmzcyc6c0Nn_BA9rcAO9b?p=353

Thanks for that info!

The tutorial is great and I love the way your yarn turned out.

Do you have any examples of how your dyed yarn knits up?

I’d love to see it. Does it self stripe or is it more of a variegated pattern?

Jello opens up a whole world of possibilities!

Thanks again,


[color=indigo]Here’s some I did earlier:http://blog.360.yahoo.com/blog-jpaAmzcyc6c0Nn_BA9rcAO9b?p=172[/color]


Isn’t it fun? I enjoy the “happy” colors of the kook aid. I was shocked the first time I used it…it’s really not an inexpensive process though it seems like it should be!