K45-152 sts rem. purl 1 row... pls help

I’m new to knitting, my mentor is out of town, and I’m stuck! The pattern is for a snezi oversized shrug. (a shrug with arm holes).

I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with the remaining sts. the whole row reads as follows:

Next Row: K45 * sl 1, k1, psso, k2; trp gtom * 10 more times, **k2tog rep from ** 10 more times, K45-156 sts rem.

purl 1 row.

Next Row: …

does this mean i purl the rem sts or do i put the rem sts on a sts holder, or do i slip them all??? i feel like there’s information missing, well, perhaps it’s just knowledge missing… please help!

Well, you’ve got me. I have never seen the abbreviations you show there: trp gtom. Could you have mistyped, or is there a special instruction that they give you there with that abbr. that they explain somewhere. If so you’ll need to explain it to us (me at least). :slight_smile: How many stitches are you supposed to have when you begin this line of instructions?

Next Row: K45 * sl 1, k1, psso, k2; trp gtom * 10 more times, **k2tog rep from ** 10 more times, K45-156 sts rem.
As I said, I don’t understand part of this, but as it is written it seems to be saying you knit 45 stitches and then do that part in the middle 11 times total, then K2tog 10 times and then knit 45 stitches and you should have 156 stitches at the end of that row. You shouldn’t have any “remaining” stitches it doesn’t sound like. :??

Then you purl one row and continue on with whatever it says next. I think we may need more information. What and when does it tell you anything about putting stitches on a holder?

oops looks like in frustration I lost my typing skills… trp gtom * = repeat from * (I did get a good laugh out of that one!)

here’s where I am currently sitting … I completed the K45 * sl 1, k1, psso, k2; through to K45… and i have 29 stitches remaining… I’m 89% of the way through this and I think I really messed up somewhere… after the K45 I don’t understand what the (-156 sts rem) means i get that sts = stitches and rem = remaining, but I don’t understand what -156 sts rem all put together means

I’m looking for the headslap smiley… thanks for helping… in total frustration I decided to count my last row… after the decreases I think I should of been sitting at 156 stitches on my needles (156 sts rem) this is what was confusing me… i thought they were saying i should of had 156 on my left needle after knitting the 45… panic moment when i realized that i wasn’t going to have that number (i did also figure out the 29 I had left that i mentioned before… counting error) …

thanks again for your help… your explanation helped a lot… funny how different words can lift the fog now and again!

Remaining sts means that’s what you’re left with after the decreases. So after you do the whole row, purl the next row.

So you K45, do the skp decrease and knit 2 11 times, then k2tog 11 times and knit the last 45 sts. The 156 is to tell you how many sts you’re left with after the decreases. 45 twice is 90, k2tog 11 times starts with 22 sts and leaves 11, skp and knit 2 11 times starts with 44 and leaves you with 33. So to add it up

90 + 22 + 44 = 156 number you should be starting with
90 + 11 + 33 = 134 number you should be ending up with

And there’s something wrong somewhere. Are you looking at the right numbers for your size?

:woohoo: I think I have it figured out! I was confused because no matter what I did I had stitches left over… but… I think I’ve solved it!

Next Row: K45 * sl 1, k1, psso, k2; repeat from * 10 more times, **k2tog rep from ** 10 more times, K45-156 sts rem. should read:

Next Row: K45 * sl 1, k1, psso, k2; repeat from * 10 more times, **k2tog,[COLOR=“Red”] k2[/COLOR]; rep from ** 10 more times, K45-156 sts rem.

took me awhile, but I finally figured out that the patter wouldn’t be even if 1 set of decreases had 2 stitches in between and the other set didn’t… no more left over stitches! :knitting:

Ah yes, sometimes there’s typos and reading the stitch pattern helps figure out what should go where.