K4 YF Slip 1 YB *K5 YF Slip 1 YB

This is my situation.
What does it mean when the instructions say, K4 YF Slip 1 YB *K5 YF Slip 1 YB …?
I am totally stuck cause I don’t know how to (YF Slip 1 YB ) Someone please help Me!
Is there a video available that can show me how to do the above?

[size=2]edit - [color=violet]mod squad was here[/color][/size]

K4 – knit 4 stitches

YF --move the yarn to the front of your work, as if you were going to purl (but don’t purl)

Slip 1 – slip one stitch from the left needle to the right needle, without knitting it

YB – move the yarn back to the back of your work

K5 – knit 5 stitches

…and so on. Does that make more sense?

Thankyou so much Julie for rescuing me and getting me out of my fustrations. I think I know what this means. In all my years of knitting I have never run into such direstions. Thank you, thank you, thank you

It’s called a stranded or wrapped stitch. There is a whole sock pattern created on this technique at Knitty. It’s called Caruso “because the stitch is stranded.” :roflhard: I have yarn on the way to make these socks and can’t wait!


…I just love bad puns…

this makes so much more sence to me. Thanks you so much.