K4, yf, sl 3, turn; repeat until handle measure 15"

these are the directions for the handle of a felted bag i’m knitting. i have tried every possible way i can think of and it keeps coming out looking like a big mess of nothing, not knitting. i know this is kind of a broad question but can anyone think of what i might be doing wrong?

I tried it for a bit, and this is what mine looks like. Are you slipping the stitches one at a time?

if you knit then yarn forward and only Slip the next 3
then turn and repete

wouldn’t you get a kind of Double I chord
shaped like a Figure 8 if you look “down” on it

or am I thinking this wrong?


I still have the little sample sitting here in front of me and that’s exactly what it looks like.

I am a VERY visual Person
now if I could just start figuring out those lovely Washclothes
I am SO glad that I was right in my thinking
when I saw what you did,I did not see the edge close to make a Figure 8
instead oit looked more like a S
that bothered me when I reread and reread the Stitch pattern


Yes, that is exactly what mine looks like. It must be right! I guess I’ll finish this one and start the other handle. Thank you. Happy knitting!

A question about this type of strap - is it stretchy?? I’m thinking of doing this kind of thing for straps for a tank I’m making - the pattern calls for straight garter stitch straps and not only am I not crazy about garter stitch, I KNOW that they would just get stretched out.

It is a little strechy but not much because of the two icords side by side. I would think it would work great as tank straps.

Yes, it’s a little stretchy and I agree that it would make great straps for your tank… depending on the thickness of the yarn you’re using I would do a little sample using just one strand of yarn instead of two. Good luck!