K3tog tbl --Help!

I’m still pretty new to knitting but I"ve went out on a limb and decided to follow a pattern for a dishcloth. It has a very pretty stitch that I’ve finally figured out but when it tells me to ( k3tog tbl) I’m having a hard time. I think I understand what to do but when I place my right need into the back of the 3 stitches I’m supposed to knit it is very tight and then it is very difficult to pull the yarn through without it slipping off even though I have tried to knit the previous row loosely. On the previous row I have to [k1 yo k1] all in the same stitch — these are the stitches I then have to knit together. I hope this makes since. [B]Is there an easy method to get this to work faster?[/B]:knitting:

It’s tricky and awkward; one thing that helps is knitting the previous stitches loosely. Some people use a small crochet hook to help pull the yarn through.

Thank you Sue. I just wanted to make sure that I wasn’t making it harder than it was supposed to be. I searched everwhere for info but couldn’t find anything other than knitting two together. Thanks for responding so quickly!!!

Yeah, sometimes those multiple stitches can be tight. Sometimes I can make it a bit easier by using my right needle to loosen the stitches before I go for the ‘together’ stitch. It’s usually not needed with the first stitch on the left needle, but I’ll insert my right needle purlwise into the second stitch and pull toward me, stretching that stitch a bit. Then I’ll do the same with the third stitch in. Then sometimes I’ll work the needle in knitwise through all three and pull toward me, stretching again. THEN (finally) I’ll try for the ‘insert through the back loop and pray to God I can catch the yarn and bring it through’ part.

All of which means I can spend a couple of minutes trying to accomplish one stitch!! Thank God knitting isn’t a speed-judged sport!

I am so glad to hear this. I also thought that I must be doing something wrong when trying to k2 or k3tog!