K3b at beginning of row?!

I’m trying to follow a pattern but stuck on the 5th row. It’s saying to do 4 rows in twisted garter stitch and then commence the 5th row with k3b. Is this a mistake as I’ve never had to do that at the beginning of a row before and find that I’m creating a big loop rather than a ladder if that makes sense?

What pattern are you making? Can you give us a link or name?
How does your pattern define k3b?

This is a screenshot of the pattern. I’m struggling on row 5 as knitting a k3b at beginning of row doesn’t seem possible unless I’m doing it wrong?

OK, a scarf. Take a look at the beginning and at the end of the instructions. See if the pattern defines k3b. 1. How is the pattern telling you to work k3b?

  1. What is the name of this pattern, please?

It’s artisano warmth by sue hanmore. This is the abbreviations section. Is that what you mean?

Exactly. K3b means to knit 3 stitches each one through the back loop. That can be done anywhere in a row including the beginning of the row.

Ooooohh! I missed that. I just googled k3b and it was telling me how to knit down! Thank-you so much that makes much more sense.