K3 p3 Ribbing Stretched between stitches

Hey friends,
Ya know that warmest winter hat I am knitting for my friend? Well I am working the ribbing in K3, P3 and I am finding that between the knit and purl stiches the yarn is stretching, so there is a unwanted gap and difference in tension apparently when I bring the yarn forward or take it back. When you told it to the light you can see it is more streched out…why is this and how to fix this?
Thank you~

I’m having a bit of the same problem with k2p2 ribbing on the fingerless mitts I’m making. I know how to fix it if you’re knitting flat, but not in the round. Any ideas anyone?

Oh…and I do pull the working yarn tight.

no ideas but I want to bump this up 'cause I want to know too.

Hmmm… stumped knitters! Hopefully not for long!
Jan- how do you do it when working flat? Is that what you meant by pulling the working yarn tight?

When knitting flat you can wrap the yarn clockwise or the “wrong” way on that first purl. When you encounter the twisted stitch (it’ll be a knit) on the other side you knit into the back of it. Here’s the site I learned it from.

I tried knitting normally, but wrapping the purl clockwise when knitting in the round and then knitting through the back loop of the purl on the next row, but that didn’t work. It seemed to make it looser.:??

It tends to show less the more ribbing you do, but it still bugs me.

Yes, Jan, it is bugging me too! Especially for a warm winter hat…I will not stand for gaps for wind to chill the ears!
This seems to be a pretty quiet topic to!

I’ve put it aside because of this very thing.

Me too! I pull the yarn tight, but I’m still getting overly stretchy ribbing between the stitches. Help!:think:

Maybe you’re pulling too tight? Just a thought, that’s what happens with cables - the tighter you make the sts, the more pronounced the gaps.

You know what suzeeq, that might be what’s happening with mine… I’m knitting fingerless gloves in ribbing which is later cabled, and it does seem to get worse after the cables.

Guess I’ll have to try knitting everything a bit looser!

:wink: I had the same problem, but then I tried something and I no longer have that problem. When you pop off your stitch, after knitting or purling, you have to be careful. Instead of just pulling the stitch off the needle, use your finger to help guide it off, or push it off. I know this is kinda hard to explain. Try knitting like this for a few rows and you migt see a difference in your knitting. I hope this helps. Good Luck!

I think I might have solved the problem. I wrapped the yarn clockwise around a twisted purl stitch. So far it seems to be working. I’m going to write it up with photos and blog it and I’ll post here about it, too.

I added a little more here.