K3 Graft sts---say what?

[B]HELP! I NEED HELP with the following baby bootie pattern:

Round 1: K20, pm, K20
Round 2, 4: K2tog, K to 2 sts before marker, K2tog, sm, SSK, K to 2 sts before the end of the round, SSK, K2.
Round 3, 5, 6:[B] K3Graft sts or seam together. [/B]
Does anybody know what the bolded part means? Does it mean I should be seaming up the bottom of this bootie as I knit the bottom?? I totally do not get it!

Also, I think the part on round 2 where it says to K to 2 sts before the end of the round, SSK, K2-- is a typo because there would not be 2 stitches left if I SSK 2 sts before the end. right?

[B]THANK YOU[/B] for any help with this. The pattern was a breeze until this part, the very end.

I would assume this means to either graft together 3 sts by using like a kitchener stitch [I]or[/I] seam the 3 sts together. I suppose there’s a choice for anyone not knowing how to graft. You would think the pattern would have been a tad more specific though.

I’m hoping by now you’ve figured this out since it’s been several days since you posted.