I have 96 stitches. The pattern calls for k10, k2tog repeated until end.

Am I suppose to use the last k2tog with the very first stitch that I started with…or is the k2tog not involving the very first stitch?

if my math is correct, your last k2tog should be the last 2 stitches of the round, not using the first of the next.

hope this helps.

I was dreading you would say that :frowning:

I knew it didn’t, but was hoping someone would say it did include the first one

Since 96 is a multiple of 12, you should come out using your last two stitches as a k2tog. 10 plus 2 equals 12. You’ll decrease 8 stitches on this round and have 88 stitches left–a multiple of 11, which is why you’ll k9, k2tog.

You can look back at what you did on the first round. It’s possible that you knit an extra in there somewhere. If you already are down to 88, I’d cheat and just knit the last one and pretend I knitted 2 together. After that your decreases should turn out even.

on the pattern it says k 10, k2tog though

should I have done k 9, k2tog?

On the first round, k10, k2tog. The next dec round would be k9, k2tog.

does it really matter where I do the decreases, as long as I get 88?

They should be spaced as evenly as possible. If you need to knit the last st of the round with the first st to get it to work out, do it. But move your stitch marker so you start the next dec round so you can k9, k2tog.

In my experience, the decreases make a design as you knit up the rows. If you decrease evenly as you move across each round, you are making the design. You’ll definitely start to see it after a couple of rounds. A little fudging on the first round shouldn’t make too much of a difference. Good luck!