K2TOG, TBL will be my Waterloo

One day, I envision a world where I will not be constantly asking for help, but I will be able to answer knitting questions for someone else…

I am having some serious problems with a K2TOG TBL. I’ve watched the video for just knitting one and it seems pretty straightforward. But, I’m obviously missing some vital part of the process…

I went to do the stitch (the K2TOG, TBL, well, and also K3TOG, TBL [i tried the latter first and then the former, thinking it may be easier…]) and it was so tight that it took me a good three minutes to get my right needle through the back of the stitches. When I went to knit the stitch, it again was so tight that as I was fighting it, I broke my yarn (grrr!). If I do anything that I think seems right, the resulting stitch on my right needle isn’t flexible, doesn’t move, and it just sort of sits there looking ugly & makes me grumpier.

I know this description is pretty vague of what’s happening, but surely someone can maybe give me an idea of why this stitch makes me want to exile my knitting onto a deserted island?

It’s because you’re trying to knit them together through the back loop, which is a left slant decrease. I’m sure you could just use a SSK, or a SKP, depending on your pattern.

I just tried it on the piece I’m knitting and didn’t have a problem. Insert the right needle tip into the back loop of the first stitch and keep it going into the second stitch where it will also be through the back loop. If the stitches are too tight to do this you may be knitting tightly in general or a combined way where they’re already twisted.