K2tog tbl clarification

I’m doing a sock pattern that has me k2tog tbl to decrease and wanted to clarifiy that I’m doing this correctly. I’ve watched the video here on how to do this and I think I understand. It appears that I am putting my needles through two stitches the same way I would if I were going to purl, but the yarn is in the back and I wrap the yarn around the right needle like a knit stitch. Am I understanding that correctly?

If you are going to p2t (purl two together) the yarn would be in the front. It’s the same as purling a stitch, except you have your right needle inserted into the next needle as well. Does this make sense and your yarn is in front of your left needle when you begin to purl. (Hope I got that right, if not I’m sure someone will correct me).

A p2tog tbl is not the same as k2tog tbl.

To k2tog tbl the needle is not inserted into the stitches the same way as if to purl. Normally, you insert the needle into the front loop, from the front. For this you put in into both sts in their back loops, then knit as normal.

Woo, I was waaaay off. I thought she wanted to purl two together. Sorry for the wrong advice.

'Sokay… We all misread at times.