K2Tog Question

Hey everyone,

I am knitting a ribbed hat and I am new to knitting. Does K2Tog work with a pearl and a knit stitch? Or should one only knit two knits together, or two pearls together, and not one of each? Thanks a lot! I appreaciate all the help I can get.

To knitting!


Is it a 1x1 rib? If it is here’s a hat that is done in 1x1 rib so you can see how they handled the decreases.

Thanks so much Jan. I am working on a ribbed hat. I have a pattern for it, and as far as I can tell, it says to knit two together of a pearl and a knit stitch. That seemed kind of bizarre to me, since there are sets of two knits and two pearls in each row for the rest of the hat. I assumed that one would want to preserve that pattern. But, I will go ahead and follow the pattern. It’s my first hat, so i’ll be glad with whatever I end up with.

Oh so it’s a 2x2 rib? That’s k2, p2 around. Here’s a 2x2 ribbed hat pattern so you can see how they did the decreases.