K2tog Purlwise

Hi everyone!

How do you k2tog purlwise?

Here’s the pattern:

A friend is making it, and we’re stumped on the / symbol. The legend says, “RS - slip 1, k1, psso, WS - knit 2 sts tog purlwise”.

Anyone have a clue? Thanks a lot! Renée :slight_smile:

I think they mean to purl two together since it’s on the back. I’m assuming this is stockinette.

This is so weird…here’s what the pattern says for 2 symbols:

\ = RS - knit 2 sts tog, WS - purl 2 sts tog
/ = RS - slip 1, k1, psso, WS - knit 2 sts tog purlwise

It looks like they’re differentiating between k2tog, p2tog, and k2tog pwise.

Since the stitch in question is on the WS, it should be a left-slanting decrease, yes? Guess that would be plain ol’ k2tog?

I’ve been bouncing around this question for a few days on a few lists, it’s apparently a real poser!

Thanks! Renée :slight_smile:

I don’ t know the answer to your question, but wasn’t Salieri the guy that was Mozart’s nemesis in the movie?

That is tricky–Have you tried this:

ssp- the ssp is the reverse of the ssk.

  1. slip two stitches separately knitwise, then pass the left needle tip through on the front to move the stitches back to the left needle.
  2. take the right needle tip around the back so that it enters the second stitch first and continues through the first, moving from left to right. Then purl the two stitches off together.

It is supposed to lean left.

Hi Ingrid,

Okay, so it could be:

Twist the next 2 stitches kwise, then p2tog tbl? Interesting!

(Yes, Kemp, he’s my namesake…long story…) :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help! Renée

OY! knit 2 sts tog purlwise? Duh just say P2tog. But yeah, listen to all those reasobanle people, I’m just chiming in. :lol:

That’s what I said first, too, but I guess it wasn’t what they meant. I found the other one in Knitting in the Old Way and it seemed right. :thinking: