K2tog or ssk?

I am making a vest which has a v-shaped neck. The pattern says ‘decrement 1 every RS row for 11 rows’.

Should I use k2tog for the right slant and ssk for the left slant? Or is it ok if I use k2tog on both sides?

No, don’t use K2T on both ends!

Use SSK for one, and K2T for the other.

They are a mirror image of each other, and especially for a neckline…you don’t want them to look catty-wampus.

You will love the appearance!

You have looked at Amy’s video support, right? If not, go up to VIEW VIDEOS, and click on DECREASES. Immediately at the top of the new page, there is a knitted sample that shows the outcome/appearance of SSK and K2T in concert together.

Ok, I will take your advice. But I want to know why k2tog on both sides is not advised?

I figured it out from the videos page. k2tog leans to the right and ssk leans to the left. Should have looked there first before asking!

Hee hee…Catty-wampus…I love it!