K2p3 Ribbing?

Doing a k2p3 ribbing on 297 sts. Supposed to end with k2. Done. Flip wk to wrong side - how do I start? Would the wrong side be p2k3 to keep the ribbing? Have had needles down too long and this is stumping me. Thx for help!

Look at the stitches and knit the ones that look like knits and purl the ones that look like purls. So if you end with k2 when you turn they’ll look like purls so you would p2. Here’s a thread with pictures to help you figure out which is which.

I knew that was the mantra. It was just lost in my brain. Thank you for reminding me its that simple. Leave it to me to make it difficult. This o’s why I need to knit. Work life is rotting my brain. Ha. Thx again!