I was making the ribbing for a hat and was (or thought I was) doing K2P2. Somewhere along the line, I must have missed a K or a P st, because now I have a diagonal bottom 2 inches of a hat. It’s rather cute, really, and since the color is a BORING brown, I thought it would be nice to reproduce the bottom diagonal or something close to it for an inch or so to break up the monotony.

Any suggestions?

so if anyone knows of a cute diagonal stitch…

i need it!

Assuming you’re knitting in the round, if you didn’t cast on a multiple of 4, k2p2 would give you a diagonal instead of ribbing. If that’s the case, then just doing another set of k2p2 should give you the same diagonal pattern.

I cast on 84. I think I just did a k or p where I was supposed to d the other. Might frog it anyway because I hate the yarn color, at least by itself. Tootsie roll brown. I might pick some ecru and hold the two strands together instead.

I like to make hats when I want to knit, but not think very hard.