K2 tog vs dec 1

These mean the same thing (don’t they?)…
I have a pattern that has me doing both of these things in the same row… Maybe I’m missing something…


Sometimes a pattern will say k2tog - 1 dec. They’re not telling you to do it again, just explaining that this accounts for a decrease. What does your pattern say exactly?

This pattern tells me to "Dec 1, k4, k2 tog twice, k4, Dec 1"
You’d think that they’d be consistent and just say “k2 tog, k4, k2 tog twice, k4, k2 tog”.
I should stop trying to out think myself… huh?? :doh:

I get it now. Usually at the beginning of a row, the first dec is a ssk and the last dec is a k2tog, in order to get them to lean in opposite directions. Not the end of the world if you don’t, but I don’t know why they didn’t specify.

There is just SOOOOooo much to learn…!! Can I “download” your brain into mine??? :shock:

I’ll do the correct decrease on my NEXT bear!

Thanks for the info…

You can try! You’ll have to take all the useless knowledge, too! :lol: