K2, p2

How do I go from the 2 knit stitches to the 2 purl stitches? It seems I can’t get the yarn in the right position and when I do it they come out all tight and criss-crossed. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

You knit with the yarn in the back, and purl with the yarn in the front, right?

[LEFT]When you switch from knit to purl and purl to knit, bring the yarn [I]between [/I]the needles to the back and knit the 2, then between the needles to the front to purl and back again to knit etc.

[B][COLOR=“Navy”]Make sure the yarn is in FRONT of your needles when you PURL and in BACK when yu Knit.[/COLOR][/B]

that worked beautifully!

No I keep ending up with an extra stitch, any ideas? I keep redoing it cause I thought I may not have had the yarn in the back for the knit or the front for the purl but it appears I’m doing everything correctly.

Where’s the extra stitch?

At the end I keep ending up with 19 cast ons instead of 18. I just went through it again and got 5 rows on with out the extra so I must have had the yarn in the incorrect position.

That can happen on the last stitch. If the yarn is pulled up over the needle to the RS, when you go to purl the first stitch on the next row, it can look like 2.