K2, P2 Ribbing problems

Hi - My name is Linda and I’m a knitting addict LOL. I seem to be having a problem, and hope someone here can help me. I need to do a 2" ribbing. My problem is, my cast on is 89 stitches. The K2, P2 doesn’t work, and I don’t know what else to do. If I increase or decrease by 1 stitch, the ribbing comes out perfect. So can anyone help me? I would surely appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,


Hey there! I’m a knit addict as well. :roflhard:

How would the rest of the pattern be affected if you cast on an extra stitch for the ribbing? If it’d be a problem, you could go ahead and cast on the extra stitch and then on your last row k2tog or p2tog in one section to remove it. kwim?

If it’s done in the round, a single P1 near a side seam wouldn’t be noticeable. If it’s flat, a single P1 near one of the edges would be pretty subtle, too.

Is it supposed to be a sweater? If it’s supposed to draw in, like the waist of a sweater, maybe a decrease would be better. I’d make my decision based on the type of project.

I don’t know if I can do that or not…once I get the ribbing done, I have to increase 5 stitches. I’m trying to make a sweater, and it’s being difficult LOL I’ll try to increase one stitch and see if it works. Is it possible to do a K3, P3 ribbing? Would it look weird?

With 89 stitches I don’t think you could do a 3x3 rib…if you increased 1 stitch you could. If you keep just the 89 stitches you could do a 1x1 rib.